A wonderful white and wood holiday home

Monday, 10 February 2014

I hope you had a lovely weekend? If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know one of my long term dream is to buy and do up a summer cottage by a lake in Sweden (do you share a similar dream?). My moodboards for this dream home are endless but once thing's for sure, I'll be adding this home. Designed by Frag Woodall, the concept is basic, drawing on natural materials and light and keeping to a simple palette of black, white and wood.

Frag Woodall, photographer Terence Chin with kind permission. Via 79 ideas

This wood and white combination is perfect for a summer home don't you think? The 'basket' in the corner of the room is made from Marimekko fabric. I love the striped bedding too- any idea where it's from?

But there's a twist. Interestingly this is actually an apartment in Sydney which has been designed to look like a holiday home. There's hope for us all yet! Thank you for the info Jessica at Nordic Space.

For more weekend retreat / holiday inspiration I am loving these homes (warning: could take you a good hour to scroll through them all - this home will come up first but just go on passed it).

Have a lovely Monday and see you tomorrow!

Jade Jagger's home in Goa, India

Friday, 1 June 2012

I must say I'm just a liiiiitle bit stressed out today as I'm gearing up for a business trip to Asia (with my day job). So I'll be whirling around 4 countries in 7 days. Wooooah! In theory it sounds V exciting! In practise not so. But it's got me in the Asian mood all the same and so I thought I'd share this very exotic home of jewellery designer Jade Jagger in Goa, India, photographed by the talented Idha Lindhag. Oh how I wish I was holidaying here......!

Photographer: Jade Jagger stylist Emma Aspelin
I love the flashes of hot pink, it works so well in warm, sunny climes. I'm sure I could feel preeetty relaxed here. Oh won't you invite me to visit Jade?!

And of course I won't leave you high and dry for home inspiration next week as I will in fact report from Asia! So pop by and see me on Monday!

Have a LOVELY weekend!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, 18 May 2012

Have a lovely kristi himmelsfärd holiday to everyone in Scandinavia and a lovely weekend to all! x

See you monday x

A light and airy Australian beach house

Monday, 23 April 2012

Hej hoo! Here in Sweden it's only 8 weeks until midsummer (crazy, it's still only 10 degrees outside- BRR!). In the summer in Sweden many people head off to their summer cottages by the water to make the most of the near 24 hours daylight and warm(er) weather! So to hot things up a little and get in the mood I thought I would take some inspiration from a renovated fishermen's cottage in Australia which has become a fabulous beach home with a Scandinavian touch; clean lines, open spaces and lots of white and natural materials. Beautiful!

Pretty and simple idea alert; I love this white top against  a blackboard wall, here it's in a children's room, but I could also imagine doing this somewhere else in the home too.

Homelife via Planete Deco
If you feel like seeing a few more pics of this lovely home pop over to Plenete Deco. I love the garden too.  Dreeeeaming of the summer now what about you?! Happy Monday!

Beach retreat in Uruguay - Part two!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Who would have thought that there could be so many pics of such a small retreat (previous post). But the photographer Javier Csecs has just sent me these I immediately felt I should share them -MORE MORE MORE!...... if only to escape for just a few hours this Monday! I could really see myself here, pottering around, taking in the salty air, reading a book....basic yes, but the thought of no laptop, no mobile, no internet would suit me perfectly, at least for a couple of days!

Photography: Javier Csecs for Espacio Living

A beach escape in Uruguay

Feel like you need to get away from it all this Monday morning?! I could certainly find solace at this beautiful retreat in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay. The home is 7km from the nearest road and accessible only by walking along the dunes or by 4 x 4. It has no electricity or running water (water is obtained from a well or collected rain water). I asked the photographer, Javier Csecs to describe how he felt on the shoot:

"That moment, when arrived at the cottage in Cabo Polonio, Uruguay, was so impressive that everything came easily,the atlantic ocean air, the hot summer sun, sand everyway you look, all do the magic. The owner was talking about the style and details like how decide decoration, but I just relax and let the feelings guide the camera, as if I lived there." Javier Csecs.

Photography: Javier Csecs for Espacio Living

Could you stay somewhere like this? Live even? It certainly is a beautiful home with spectactular views!
Happy Monday morning to you folks!

Rustic, romantic beach home

Monday, 31 October 2011

On this foggy, cold autumn morning I'm dreaming of somewhere warm and far and away. Possibly because I'm going somewhere hot hot hot later on in the week for a wedding. And I LOVE weddings! So how perfect to come across this beautiful, rustic, romantic beach home in Sydney, Australia from Home Life. What do you say? Yes please! 

All pictures: Home Life. Photographer: Jared Fowler

I love that everything in the home has been brought back from all corners of the globe. The pieces work together beautifully against the white background. Such a lovely home!

I know someone in particular who is going to love this post...g'day Cas in Sydney! Big hug to you cheeky-bo! xxx

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