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Great Dane style in Copenhagen

Friday, 28 August 2015

High ceilings, large light-filled rooms and a spattering of mid-century cool. This is the fab home of Karen May Kornum, owner of design gallery and webshop Another Ballroom, and her partner and four children in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Karen describes her style as 'classic with an edge'. The space also serves as a showroom for Another Ballroom - which thrives on a passion for aesthetics, harmony, people, cultures art, design and alternative ideas of interior design - and many of the rugs, ceramics, and art photography are from the store (cleary one to keep an eye on!). Let's take a tour....

Nicoline Olsen with kind permission

It took me a few minutes to understand the backwall of the sitting room - at first I thought it was another room, and then a mural. And then a giant wall to wall mirror (I've had a long week!). And now after a great discussion in the comment section below - I'm settling on an art photography mural or 'Trompe l'eoil' - realistic imagery which creates the optical illusion that the objects exist in 3D. Thanks for all your help!

Another great idea - and quick fix this weekend - is to pick up a beautiful, bright, bold patterned printed textile and throw it over the sofa / arm chair. Try Etsy for bold fabrics.

Other amazing Copenhagen spaces to celebrate the weekend...the fabulous home of a Danish interior designer, a Danish home with a touch of homespun, and a home with warm tones and quirky touches. Oh Danes, how I love your style!

A note popped into my mail this morning about a blow-out sale with 30% off Normann Copenhagen accessories from Blackthumb Decor, oh yes.  Time to snap-up a couple of different colour Pocket Organisers (as seen in action here) and a Folk Candlestick.

And's THE WEEKEND! Yaaaay! We're heading to a 'kräftskiva' or Crayfish party tomorrow evening- which means singing, schnapps (and if I kmow my friends rights - a whole load of dancing)...can't wait! Are you up to anything fun?

Have a wonderful couple of days! And see you Monday.

A serene Norwegian home on a hill

Thursday, 27 August 2015

I follow a lot of blogs, I'm talking ridiculous numbers (here's a list covering a few of them, and it doesn't even include the ones I come across through Pinterest, Instagram, my cat etc!). I like to call this (eh hem) research. They're all fabulous in their own way, but I truly admire blogs who take new, inspiring pictures of their homes daily. Norwegian blogger Nina Holst is one of these. Not only does she have impeccable style, she's also a great photographer - which makes for perfect bloggage over at Stylizimo.  I'm sure you're a regular follower already (at least of her wonderful IG gallery)- but let's just sit back and admire her beautiful Norwegian home on a hill (and that view) for another minute....

Shared with kind permission from photographer / stylist Nina Holst / Stylizimo.
I love the black, white and light cognac combination, it's so serene - and that view from the terrace? Wow!

Is there anything you love in particular about this home?

Items I know and love: Dining area: wishbone chairs, Kubus candleholder, and Kubus bowl in grey, Eames House Bird. Sitting room: Saxe chair By Lassen, painting by Nina. Office: Alex drawer unit, Le Sac paper bag. Bedroom: wishbone chair, Louis Poulsen AJ table lamp.
Other wonderful home tours include the home of a Norwegian blogger, the home of a Swedish food blogger and the happy home of a Dutch blogger.

Have a lovely day! 

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